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Tool Manufacturer

ToolsUnited offers over 1 million tool components from 45 brands.

Click on a company logo and view the respective tools on ToolsUnited. Do you feel a supplier or tool type is missing? Let us know and we will work on getting it added.

Interface Partner

ToolsUnited delivers tool data precisely to where you need them. To your tool management system, your CAM application or your e-procurement platform.

Most systems will directly integrate with ToolsUnited (the so-called “TooIsUnitedDirect” web service). For the other systems, you can export the tool data in the system-specific format and then import the tool files into the system.


ToolsUnitedDirect supports the product search directly from your application. You may search the ToolsUnited database as if the data were stored on your client.

This saves you from transferring all the data and still provides up-to-date data anytime.

Click on a logo for details on how the interface works:

You will find the needed download files here as well.


ToolsUnited connects you with local distributors that are qualified and willing to support you. Where-To-Buy is the direct link to local distribution. For any single tool you find on ToolsUnited, you’ll find a source to buy it instantly (note: where-to-buy is currently in the roll out in the US).

With Where-To-Buy you’ll get for each item an overview of local distributors that carry that tool – prices included! Compare and buy at your preferred distributor via direct link!

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ToolsUnited partners are always in control of their product data. We do not work against distribution, we work with distribution. All to the benefit of the end user. Let's be United!
Boris Kaiser

What our partners say


"You can't be 100% transactional in our business. That is our reason for being in the digital age."

Paul Hendricks, CRESTON Industrial Sales
ulrich-alt-west (1)

"Tool data and 3D models are important for programming and simulation in TopSolid. In ToolsUnited they are available on demand. What else could you wish for?"

Ulrich Alt, WeSt GmbH (TopSolid)

“Our customers are very successful in using ToolsUnited’s automated data transfer to initially populate master data in SAP for their tool management with Factory Control Center (FCTR).”


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