Pay Per Use

What is a TUC and what does one TUC get me?

We have prepared this simple chart to demonstrate how the number of TUCs required to download a model grows as the data becomes more complex.

Cost per data record (tool component):

Tool properties incl. supplier-provided STEP/DFX3D Generated (rotational) 3D Generated (complex)
Price of custom format(DIN 4000/ISO 13399/GTC package) 1 TUC 3 TUCs 5 TUCs
Price of custom format for your tool management- or CAM system  3 TUCs 5 TUCs  7 TUCs

All prices shown are excluding VAT. See terms of use.

Do you need more than 2,000 TUCs? Take a look at the flat rate.

TUC Bundles

CreditsNet price$/TUC
50$100.00$2.00 / TUC
100$185.00$1.85 / TUC
250$400.00$1.60 / TUC
500$650.00$1.30 / TUC
1,000$1,000.00$1.00 / TUC
2,000$1,500.00$0.75 / TUC
How do I buy TUCs?

1. Log in to ToolsUnited. If you have not registered yet, first create your account to follow the steps below.

2. Once you have logged into your account, click on your username in the top right of the header.

3. Now click on Purchase ToolsUnited Credits and off you go.