Flat rate

Flat rate Pricing

ToolsUnited Flat:
For the unlimited downloading of data records (tool components) in standard formats (DIN 4000/ISO 13399/GTC package) including DXF and/or STEP files as provided by the respective supplier. In addition, unlimited downloading of data records in specific formats according to the available export interfaces for your tool management or CAM system. The flat rate is valid for one year.
ToolsUnited 3D Flat:
On top of the basic flat rate, you get access to the 3D generator from ToolsUnited. This generator creates 3D models conforming to DIN 4003 and ensures that tool models from different suppliers fit together. Any missing properties can be added interactively; for that purpose you will receive a separate disk space on ToolsUnited.
ToolsUnited Flat* ToolsUnited 3D Flat*
up to 15 machines $980 $2,980
16-25 CNC machines $1,666 $4,900
26-60 CNC machines $2,499 $6,400
single production site $3,500 $8,900
corporate Request quote Request quote

*An additional setup charge of $990 applies for first time users.
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The prices of the flat rate relate to the numbers of cnc-machines of your operation, which is used as an indicator for the prospective usage profile. If you need to download single tool items only from time to time, the Pay-per-Use option is recommended. 

This is how you order the ToolsUnited flat rate

1. Log in to ToolsUnited. If you have not registered yet, first create your account to follow the steps below.

2. Once you have logged into your account, click on your username in the top right of the header.

3. Then, click on ToolsUnited Flatrate in the configuration menu.

4. Now you can choose one of the five flat rate options.

If you prefer the pay-per-use option, click here.