Interface Description

Using ToolsUnited via SolidCAM

This tutorial describes how to download tools from ToolsUnited for SolidCAM and then import them into SolidCAM.
Proceed as follows:
• Start a browser and open (1)
• Click on “Login” (2), enter your login data (3) and search for a suitable tool (4)

When you have found a suitable tool, note the “Article number(1)

  • Click on the “SolidCAM export button” (2). This appears only if the tool is also suitable for SolidCAM.
  • Click on „Start export“ (1)
  • Now an XML file is generated with the tool.
  • Download this file and save it under the path of the working directory where you store the SolidCAM XML imports.  E.g. C:\SolidCAM\SolidCAMnativXM
  • Now you can start SolidCAM
  • Right-click on “Tool” and select “Edit Tool Library…”
  • Now a dialog opens, in which you please select the Library type “XML” and the Source Library “mySolidCAM”.
    • The appropriate directory is displayed here. Via the “…” – button this can still be changed.
  • If everything fits, confirm the entries with “OK”.
    • The selected “mySolidCAM” library opens and we directly find the corresponding tool (1)
  • In the window area to the right, you can now see the geometric features that have been transferred from ToolsUnited to SolidCAM.
    • To view the corresponding model graphically in SolidCAM, click on the graphic button in the upper right corner.
  • Another window will open and you can edit the component normally under SolidCAM.

Another import variant

  • Of course, you can also perform the import if you have already opened SolidCAM. From your active library please select the import icon (1)
  • Now a new dialog opens. In this dialog, select Library Type “XML” (2) and “mySolidCAM” (1) as the library. The library opens and the tool exported from TU (recognizable via the ID number) (3) appears. Select this tool and press the Import button (4).


The selected tool is imported and it appears directly in the Library window and is available for normal editing in SolidCAM.

Important information on the configuration: It must be added manually to your SolidCAM2022/23 in the folder C:\Program Files\SolidCAM2023\Solidcam\PlugIns\ToolTable.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our support. We are happy to help!