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Partner up as Tool Manufacturer

With the growing percentage of digital manufacturing, the search for tools and tool data (the “digital twin“ of the tool) becomes an important sales opportunity. From the customer perspective, a “single source” for the tool data is the optimum solution (data from different suppliers needs to be in a single format).

Why ToolsUnited?

ToolsUnited leads the end user to the right tool and then guides the customer to our local distribution partner for order fulfillment.

  • 100% information supply chain solution: ToolsUnited covers both the e-commerce channel and the CAM channel.
  • 100% control of the data: Data appear only where the tool manufacturer wants them to appear.
  • myToolsUnited: Plug-in for value added tool selection and data distribution services.
  • Sales Support Server: The „warehouse“ of the information supply chain.

What’s in it for Tool Manufacturers?

How to partner up

Tool manufacturers require a StOB/ToolsUnited partner contract in order to become part of ToolsUnited (one-off onboarding fee plus an annual fee).

Tier 1: Starting point of a regular contract is the tool manufacturer’s database (digital data available in any kind of format).

Tier 2: Database build-up service (payment required).

Those tool manufacturers that choose to be a “Where to buy” partner will pay a nominal monthly fee for the service, plus an annual gross sales “partnership” tax. See Distributors for more information.

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