Janus Engineering AG

“JANUS Technology Manager enables our customers to seamlessly integrate ToolsUnited data into Siemens NX CAM. In addition, the tool can be complemented with additional intelligence by means of attached information.”


Importing tool data from ToolsUnited into the Technology Manager

Janus Interface description step 1

In order to import data into the Technology Manager visit www.toolsunited.com and log in. Search for tool components as usual and save them in
your tool cart. Remember your tool carts name (standard is username and date) or rename it.

Janus Interface Description step 2

Switch to the Technology Manager and open the Import Wizard by clicking the ToolsUnited button.

  • Choose the option “Catalog data from ToolsUnited Tool cart” and in the next window click “open ToolsUnited”.
  • You’ll be uniquely asked to enter your ToolsUnited account details.
  • Your ToolsUnited tool carts will be displayed
Pick the desired tool cart from the pull-down menu and then choose a tool. The Import Wizard of the Technology Manager will guide you through the necessary steps for the import. A few clicks later, all data and graphics of ToolsUnited will be available in your Technology Manager.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our support. We are happy to help!