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Using ToolsUnited via CRIBWISE

CRIBWISE is a digital tooling inventory management solution built on the latest technology. Part of Sandvik Group, we help businesses to take control of their cutting tool inventory and related processes within the manufacturing sector. Based on ISO parameters, this robust solution dispenses, replenishes, and manages your critical items, independent of brands, and connects you to more than 40 of industry’s top tooling suppliers and more than a million products. It also offers unique integration capabilities for ordering processes, ERP systems and analytical tools.

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Using inventory management software for tools, costs can be controlled. Furthermore, by using inventory can be made more visible; tooling can be marked as “in use” rather than “out of stock” — eliminating over-ordering. Rules can also be set to ensure that operators choose used and refurbished tooling before new. Tooling consumption patterns and spending over time can be tracked so that areas of improvement can be identified.

CRIBWISE has a streamlined tool purchasing process ideal for procurement and access anytime, anywhere with or without a vending cabinet. CRIBWISE is part of the tooling business area of the Sandvik Group, a high-tech global engineering group. Sandvik brings together more than 150 years of manufacturing expertise with the latest developments in digital technologies. Our software solutions cover the full manufacturing workflow—including design and planning, preparation, machining, verification, and evaluation.

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