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Naoto Saito, Komatsu
Naoto Saito, Komatsu Ltd.

Tool data on demand - very smart!

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Marcus Steinwarz, MBSE

Standards put into pratice, that’s ToolsUnited.

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More than 3D catalogs in the cloud

ToolsUnited is the digital embodiment of the world's most technologically advanced Engineering Standard for CNC tooling.



Easily search parametrically or by application across all brands simultaneously.
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With more than 20 specific CAM & TMS interfaces and universal formats like ISO, DIN and STEP.



Find a local distributor to purchase the physical tool from and receive technical support.


Find matching components and build tool assemblies across all brands.


Customize your 3D data records to meet your shop’s specific digital needs.

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Easily search across all brands simultaneously

Gone are the days of knowing which catalog to open and welcomed is a new era that empowers the CNC machinist or CNC programmer with the ultimate in search flexibility; parametric or application-based queries across our entire platform.


Directly import data into your Tool Management System or CAM software

Digital Twins – available in DIN/ISO standard format and beyond. Be it a Tool Management System, a CAM software application or an e-procurement platform. ToolsUnited delivers tooling data precisely where you need it and in the specific format you need it.


Source from a local distributor

Be connected to local distribution. ToolsUnited’s “where-to-buy” feature leads you to a local partner to purchase the physical tool from and receive local support. The virtual journey ends, the real life of manufacturing begins.

(note: where-to-buy is currently in the roll out in the US).

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Custom Interfaces for CAM & TMS

More than a database

ToolsUnited is a managed service

The provision of tool data in a standardized way requires the collaboration of the tool vendors, the CAM-systems and the tool users. The challenge lies in insufficiently specified standards and the resulting room for interpretation.

Searching for tools doesn’t cost a dime

ToolsUnited is the perfect tool to help you find your perfect tool.

If you want to be guided to local distribution, please register and tell us where you operate so that we can identify a qualified distributor near you.

If you’re interested in our CAM interfaces – that means you’d like to download data tailored for your system.

Take a look at our pay-per-use and flat rate options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IP of the tool design including the data provided remain with the tool manufacturers. You, the user, are granted the right to use the data as specified in the Terms of Use.

Minimum term for a flat rate is 12 months. After that you are automatically scaled down to a “search&Source” account including the pay-per-use option. 

  1. ToolsUnited is a managed service. Our business integration team is actively involved to generate “clean” data. Because the challenge to provide tool data lies in insufficiently specified standards and the resulting room for interpretation.
  2. One source for all: Instead of trying to collect the data from different vendors, you get a single source.
  3. ToolsUnited licenses StOB, a harmonized data base scheme that allows to map between different export formats, including a mapping for DIN to ISO.
  4. The business model of ToolsUnited is direct. Service in return for payment. No cross financing with other offerings, no “selling” of customer data, no ads. 
  5. Export-Options: we develop and maintain interfaces to other systems, including CAM, Toolmanagement and E-Commerce. You do not get that from your tool vendor

CIMSOURCE GmbH, a privately held German corporation.

The data you reveal during registration is solely used to operate ToolsUnited. We do not disclose data to third parties. 

The quality of a data record is defined by scope (which properties are provided) and when was it last up-dated? For up-date dates please check „Our Partnerships“, for scope of data provided check the required items on ToolsUnited. It’s free!

Registering creates a Search & Source account. This is forever free. The flat rate account runs for a minimum term of 12 months. It has an „auto renew“, unless you cancel online with 2 months notice. If you missed the deadline and still want to cancel you may do so anytime and we switch your account to the Pay-per-Use option. Flat rate charges that become due will be booked to your „ToolsUnited Credits“.

Go to “parametric search” on ToolsUnited. Click on “manufacturer” in the search field. The drop down list will show the tool vendors. If you look for certain items, key in the EDP or upload an Excel file with the respective EDPs to conduct a batch search. 

Check Tutorial 4: Tool cart

We recommend to watch Tutorials first. Next is to register (free!) and simply do some trial and error.  Stay tuned to latest developments and follow our ToolsUnited Application Blog.

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