ToolsUnited brought to you by CIMSOURCE

CIMSOURCE Digital Tool Services is a privately held German company
with subsidiaries in the US and Japan. 

CIMSOURCE‘s roots date back into the CIM (computer integrated manufacturing) era of the 80’s. Incorporated back in 1987, the mission statement was reflected in the company’s name: Put the latest academic research to practice. Build a database that is capable to serve as the source for CIM.

The ToolsUnited Story

ToolsUnited represents the largest tool selection and tool data source on the web. ToolsUnited was initially published in 1995 as CD ROM solution called „CIMSOURCE Professional“. The ToolsUnited domain has been active since the year 2000. 

Ever since the beginning we are driven by three strategic insights:

With the growing percentage of digital manufacturing, the search for tools and tool data (the “digital twin” of the tool) becomes an important sales proposition. 

From a customer's perspective, a “single source” for the tool data is the optimum solution (data from different suppliers needs to be in a single format).

However, in the cutting tool industry, you can’t be transactional to 100%. You need personal interaction to go the last mile.

What makes ToolsUnited so special?

Find out more about Standard Open Base (StOB). The technological foundation of ToolsUnited and the only truly comprehensive data exchange standard for cutting tools in the world. The only standard that truly encompasses all four elements of tooling data. Geometry, technology (speeds & feeds), 2D/3D, e-commerce.

Rather than trying to establish a „new“ standard, the approach to StOB was and remains to harmonize proven standards into a comprehensive specification and to make it applicable for the metal cutting industry.