Zoller TMS

Interface Description

Using ToolsUnited via Zoller TMS

If you want to download ToolsUnited data via your Zoller tool management system, you will need the current Zoller TMS version (www.zoller.info). Furthermore, check that you have a valid ToolsUnited license (flat rate or TUCs) (www.toolsunited.com). The following instruction manual will help you to implement the ToolsUnited interface to your Zoller TMS.

1. Saving your ToolsUnited access information in Zoller TMS

    • On the bottom right screen, move to (1) Menu → (2) Settings
    • In the settings, click on (3) Module → (4) Individual components → (5) ToolsUnited
    • Enter your access information at (6) User ID and User password
    • And (7) Save your changes

If you can’t find ToolsUnited listed in your individual components, please contact your Zoller support. (www.zoller.info)

2. Opening ToolsUnited in Zoller TMS

  • On the bottom right screen, move to (1) Menu → (2) Single components
  • In the (3) F menu, switch to page 3/3
  • And click the (4) ToolsUnited button. A new window with the familiar ToolsUnited website should open. If your access information have been saved correctly (according to step “A”), you will automatically be logged in to ToolsUnited.

3. Importing tools from ToolsUnited to Zoller TMS

  • You will find a (1) “Zoller export” button on different sheets of ToolsUnited, e.g. your tool cart detail sheets or the tool detail sheets.
  • With a click on this button, an Export window will pop up. Here you may choose whether (2) 3D-graphics shall be generated and set the (3) Customer tool number (Zoller: Id. number)
  • Finally, click (4) “Start Export”. As a flat rate user, the import will start instantly and you will find your tool in the “Single components” of your Zoller TMS, click on the button next to the Id. number to choose it. For users with ToolsUnited Credits, an overview will appear, stating how many TUCs are needed for the data set. The import will only work, if the users TUCs are sufficient.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our support. We are happy to help!