Toolmangement from the Cloud

What is ToolPal?

ToolPal is a toolmanagement service from the cloud. 

Scaled to demand, zero maintanance cost, zero hardware cost, 100% tool data. ToolPal offers precisley the features of a Toolmanagement system that you really need. 

With ToolPal, you’ll organize your shopfloor efficiently and not mess with software implementation or update procedures.  It is not a software – you dont need to buy or install it.

 It is used by manufacturers, that have previously dispensed with powerful toolmanagement for cost reasons. Or by distributors, who want to offer their customers value-added services for tool logistics or technology management.

ToolPal embeds ToolsUnited – easy as that!

ToolPal is a managed service, not a software!

ToolPal's features 3 main modules:



Supply Chain

The Engineering Module features the administration of tool assemblies in PPR (product process resource) relations and organizes the manufacturing know-how.

The feature set of Shopfloor supports tool crib administration and helps to control and monitor the tool flow on the shop floor. 

Here, you’ll find the features to support procurement and inbound logistics of tool components, including the integration of tool dispensers.

ToolPal - your personal ToolManager.

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