Interface Description

Using ToolsUnited via TopSolid

In order to import tools into TopSolid with ToolsUnited, you first need to download and install the Cimsource Importer for TopSolid 7.10 or TopSolid 7.11 and higher (developed in collaboration with WeSt GmbH). To download tools from ToolsUnited, you need a ToolsUnited account. You should turn on the direct export button for TopSolid in the export interface configuration.

Import tool

Tools for the TopSolid interface have to be at least capable of 3D generation. Therefore, when searching for tools, the checkmarks “3D Graphic” and “Generated 3D graphic” should be set.

The TopSolid button only appears, if the tool meets the requirements. You can switch to the TopSolid properties in the tool data sheet by selecting it from the drop-down list on the left under “Geometric data”. If the tool is not TopSolid capable, you will see an explanation to the right of the corresponding features.

Select a tool capable of TopSolid export and click on the TopSolid button (1). The export window appears. For tools with indexable inserts, the corner design of the inserts can now be adapted. When exporting tool baskets, however, it is not possible to adjust the corner design.

Click “Start export” (2) and save the file to your hard drive (3).

Now open the Cimsource Importer, select the downloaded tool and click “Import”.


The program will open TopSolid automatically.

On the right in the “Cimsource Library”, the newly added tool is highlighted in gray and can be opened with a double-click.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our support. We are happy to help!