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Please meet Standard Open Base, otherwise known as StOB. The technological foundation of ToolsUnited and the only truly comprehensive data exchange standard for cutting tools in the world. The only standard to truly encompass all four elements of tooling data. Geometry, technology (speeds & feeds), 2D/3D, e-commerce.

StOB is the brainchild of RWTH Aachen University, the leading engineering school in Europe. A group of tooling experts, including CIMSOURCE’s founder, Dr. Goetz Marczinski, realized more than 30 years ago the growing need for a comprehensive standard that was equally compatible with the technology demands of that time, and of the demands yet to come. Nearly 30 years later, StOB has continued to evolve with technology’s needs and in line with international standardization efforts.

Stay tuned to this channel to learn more. And to find out how you can support the standardizartion efforts for the benefit of all of us. Below you will find all blog posts around StOB & Standards!

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