“The secret of success lies in the consistency of the goal.”

This quote of Benjamin Disreali tells the driving force behind Standard OpenBase.

It was hard work, no fake.

Born in the CIM era (Computer Integrating Manufacturing), CIMSOURCE and its partners from RWTH Aachen university (WZL) and 4 leading tool manufactures Sandvik, Kennametal, Widia,Ceratizit joined forces to lay the foundation for the seamless data flow from CAD to CAM along the NC process chain.

The consortium realized that:

The conclusion is StOB (Standard OpenBase), the standard data format first issued in 1995 by CIMSOURCE and its partner.

Despite economic ups and downs, technology hypes coming and busting, the come and go of diverse standardiziation initiatives, StOB is still there.

StOB puts standards like DIN 4000 and ISO 13399 into practice. The most widely used data standard in the industry. CIMSOURCE keeps it up. AWESOME!

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