We’ve took part in the DIN Meeting in Cologne from 5th to 6th of July!

The new DIN4000/4003-180 drafts were presented by the working group. These standards describe how tool assemblies’ data should be exchanged. Among the many properties that allow such exchange, data chip property indicates whether the basic tool holder has the capability to receive such chip. However, this was not sufficient as it does not state what type of chip is mounted on the tool. Therefore, data chip code properties were altered to enable more precision in the data. In the presented draft, data can state additionally whether a basic holder has Bluetooth or QR code. The issues of multitools and the bill of material (BOM) data exchange were discussed and will be delt with in the upcoming working group meeting. The day finished by introducing the new DIN4000/4003-210 (CNC-Machines) drafts.

The next day the session continued with introducing the new DIN4000-89 (Adapters and tool holders).

The classification system of the adapters of the ISO standard was adopted. Although we stand behind the harmonization of standards, we know that the ISO classes for adapters are too unspecific and cannot lead to a correct tool classification. Moreover, we expressed our objection to get rid of the 6 character code that is used to classify adapters in the DIN current version. In a related topic the connection codes were also discussed. The topic was whether to start manufacturer specific codes with the company code instead of a submitted connection type.

We expressed our objection to this idea because from a principal standpoint it defies the goal of standardization as the correspondence between specific holders from different manufacturers will be negatively impacted. CIMSOURCE will be a part of the working group for these Standards.


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