Happy Easter 2023 From CIMSOURCE | GIVEAWAY

🐣Happy Easter everyone!!
Did you find #Eggbert on #ToolsUnited yet?

Be fast to find all 3 hidden Eggberts and win fantastic prizes! 👀 Hurry, the Easter egg hunt ends on April 11, 2023. Don’t miss out on this egg-citing opportunity – hop on over to our website to get started! 🐇

No clue where to find him? Contact us or read the following poem:
First hint:
To start the Easter Egg Hunt and find the first clue,
You’ll need to begin on the homepage anew,
Look closely and search for something unique,
A subtle hint hidden, waiting for you to seek.
Second hint:
The second hint is where searches go,
Where filters let the options flow,
Type in the right words and you will find,
A clue that brings the second egg to mind.
Third hint:
Now it’s time to dive in deep,
To an page where details keep,
Look for a picture that seems out of place,
This is where the third egg hint will embrace.
So, follow these hints and search with care,
And the Easter Eggs will soon be there,
Enjoy the hunt and have some fun,
And Easter joy will be yours to come!

But that’s not all – share a screenshot on LinkedIn of one Easter Egg on ToolsUnited with the hashtag #EggHunt2023 and mention @CIMSOURCE to double your chance in winning! 🎁

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