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What’s block structure?

In the recent past years, the DIN 4000 committee has adopted the concept of block structure for parametric tool data description. This narrows the gap between DIN4000 and ISO/TS13399, since the international standard has used this concept already. Block structures are used to represent elements of a tool that are required multiple times in a tool and which require the entry of the same properties.

This has been advantageous in terms of increased accuracy and flexibility for parametric tool description. For example, in case of a stepped drill (DIN4000-81:2017), it is now possible to enter the length dimensions or cutting diameters of each step. This was not the case in the previous version of this standard as only the first and last step were possible to describe. Consequently, block structures provide more flexibility and less volume of data as it separates the singular propeerties from the repetitive ones. Generally, it also facilitates the automated data processing. However, block structures result in a more complex data structure as it dissects the dataset in different parts. This makes it more difficult to unambigouosly reading a dataset. Our continuous contact with standards has led us to believe that block structures also caused to some degree the increase of the technical errors in DIN4000. For example, in some cases relevant properties are not noted. Or non-relevant properties are present in the block tables in the standard. The CIMSOURCE business integration team reveals these pitfalls and provides solutions in StOB.

It is recommended that the DIN and ISO committees should revise the block structure towards a more correct and harmonized way that facilitates data conversion and mapping from one standard to the other.

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